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StartAllBack 3.5.7 Crack: Microsoft has officially released Windows-11 on October 5, 2021 and the company has significantly enhanced the UI in this variant. However, if you don’t like the UI and want the environment of Windows-10 without giving up the power of Windows-11, then use StartAllBack.

What is StartAllBack?

StartAllBack is a lightweight utility that allows Windows-11 users to enjoy the classic UI of Windows-10. This software application changes the UI of file explorer, start menu, taskbar and desktop in Windows-11. However, if you use Windows-8 or Windows-10 and want to change the start menu UI to the old Window-7 style, If you are a Windows 10 user then try StartIsBack.

Anyway, this software brings the classic layout to Windows-11 with the help of its features. So, let’s take a look at those features.

Key Features of StartAllBack 3.5:

1: Taskbar Modifications:

StartAllBack restores the classic taskbar style in different ways. For example, you can modify the taskbar in the following ways:

  • Changing the position from bottom to top, right, or left of the taskbar.
  • Adding the items by dragging and dropping stuff onto the taskbar.
  • Changing the icon’s size and the margin between them.
  • Showing the labels on the taskbar icons.
  • Switching the place of the Start icon to the left.
  • Using separate corner icons.

2: File Explorer Modifications:

StartAllBack revamps the Command and Ribbon bar in the File Explorer with a transcular effect. Other than this, it also shifts the details pane on the bottom and brings back the old search box as you’re accustomed to seeing it in this place.

Moreover, this application adds the support of the dark mode for all the dialogs. So, you will have an all-dark aesthetic look on your system.

3: Context Bar Modifications:

StartAllBack makes the menus of the taskbar more responsive and changes them to rounded acrylic menus. Apart from this, you have also got new font styles. So, you will experience a fresh look at the taskbar’s menus.

Plus, if you’re using a touch system, this application brings better support for touch systems using Windows-11.

4: Start Menu Modifications:

StartAllBack provides better navigation because you can navigate to the drop-down menus like a boss. Similarly, you can launch the go-to applications and places with just one click.

Plus, since you have got the old start menu look back, you can perform faster and reliable searches.

5: A Reliable Fix for Interface Inconsistencies:

Apart from modifications, StartAllBack also fixes the UI inconsistencies for Win32 applications and it doesn’t consume as much system resources as other third-party UI modification applications.

What is New in StartAllBack (3.5.7)?

The official website doesn’t provide release notes for this (3.5.7) or any previous versions of StartAllBack.

System Requirements:

The official website doesn’t provide any information regarding the ‘System Requirements’ of StartAllBack (3.5.7). But the functionality of this software depicts that the developers have developed it for Windows-11 users.

StartAllBack 3.5.7 Cracked Method?

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