God of War for Windows

A marvelous God of War port for PC

God of War is a premium action game developed by Santa Monica Studio. It’s the official PC port of the same title that was first released for the PlayStation 4 (PS4) back in 2018. It features updated next-gen graphics and support for Nvidia’s DLSS technology for improved fidelity and performance.

God of War comes from the same developer that put heavy hitters like Horizon: Zero Dawn and Days Gone, both of which received official PC ports, as well. It is available on major game storefronts like Steam and Epic Games Store and is compatible with Windows 11. This time, you follow Kratos’ journey through the world of Norse mythology—set after the events of God of War III. He travels with his son Atreus in order to fulfill a final wish.

What can I expect from it?

God of War is a continuation and a soft reboot for the popular, long-running game franchise when it was first announced. While its title is confusing in terms of its chronological order in the series, it’s the sequel to 2010’s God of War III and changes the former setting of the Greek pantheon to the Norse pantheon. Kratos now lives a new life in ancient Scandinavia with his young son—but must soon go on a journey filled with danger once more.

It received universal acclaim from both gamers and reviewers alike. It’s a much more grounded and emotional take on its main character, Kratos, and his relationship with his son resonated with players on a deep level. Its PC port looks to replicate the same experience with some added graphical niceties. Just like with its PS4 Pro counterpart, God of War for PC supports up to 4K resolution natively—although the device requirements will be high for this. 

For systems featuring an Nvidia graphics card, the game supports DLSS technology for improved graphical fidelity, without sacrificing performance and frames. Now, if you’re coming from the console version, you also have the option to use your Dualshock or Dualsense controllers and various gamepads if you’re more comfortable playing with them. As a nice bonus, the game now supports ultra-widescreen monitor support, given the increasing popularity of the 21:9 aspect ratio. 

2018’s Game of the Year

If you never got around to playing God of War back when it was first released, now is your chance to do so with this official PC port. If you just want to experience it all over again, you’ll be glad to know that the additions and graphical improvements it brings to this version make it well worth giving another go. Highly recommended.